The Top 5 All-Time Best GTA RP Servers to Join in 2024

The Top 5 All-Time Best GTA RP Servers to Join in 2024

The Top 5 All-Time Best GTA RP Servers to Join in 2024

Ranking best GTA RP servers of all time (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA RP (Role-playing) stands out as one of the finest features within Grand Theft Auto 5. By joining an RP server facilitated through platforms such as FiveM and RAGE MP, participants can craft their own fictional persona and engage with other server members, consistently embodying that character. This distinct approach sets it apart from the game’s official online mode.

For newcomers keen on delving into role-playing, here’s a curated selection featuring five of the most exceptional GTA RP servers ever. Yet, it’s essential to acknowledge that gaining entry into more renowned RP servers might pose a challenge.

5 best GTA RP servers of all time: CityLife Roleplay, Mafia City RP, and more

5) Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is one of the best GTA RP servers for beginners. Before joining, players can head to its official website to go through all the rules and regulations. They can also use the official Eclipse RP forum to clear any doubts or for general discussion. The server moderators are active and keep all members in check, which makes for an enjoyable experience.

This server has built-in voice chat, advanced script, and features, as well as various activities and community events that can be fun to participate in. To join Eclipse RP, one must first download the RAGE MP mod client.

4) CityLife RolePlay

One of CityLife RolePlay’s best features is its in-depth character creation menu. Once players finish creating their character, they can pick from a variety of jobs available on the server’s map. Members can also take a look at its rules and regulations while playing by using the “/guide” command.

It is a Non-Whitelisted FiveM server, which means that joining it wouldn’t be too difficult. Another great aspect of CityLife RolePlay is that it regularly receives updates that keep it fresh.

3) Mafia City RP

Mafia City RP is one of the best GTA RP servers for veterans as well as beginners and is hosted on RAGE MP. To join it, one must become a member of its official Discord server.

While most RP servers use voice chat, Mafia City RP also offers an option for text chat. This benefits those very new to Role-Playing and players without a good-quality microphone.

In terms of gameplay, members have the freedom to choose their character’s career path. They can either become criminals or live the life of law-abiding citizens. There are also no NPCs in Mafia City RP’s world, which takes the Role-Playing aspect to a whole new level.

2) District 10

District 10 offers a wide range of jobs for players’ created characters, and they must have a realistic name. Their height, facial features, and other such statistics can also be altered. It is hosted on the FiveM mod client and has its rules and regulations listed on its official website, that are enforced very strictly.

Although games like GTA push the boundaries of reality by allowing players to do almost anything they want, District 10 aims to provide a more grounded and realistic experience.

To join it, players must become a member of its official Discord server and go through a verification process. This helps in maintaining its overall quality at a high level.

1) NoPixel RP

NoPixel RP is arguably the most popular and the best GTA RP server of all time. However, that also makes it extremely difficult to join. Players must have a lot of RP experience and are required to submit a detailed application describing their character and background.

This gets examined thoroughly by NoPixel RP’s moderators and can take some time to get accepted. That said, upon getting accepted, players can enjoy some of the best RP gameplay available. Many famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers are also NoPixel RP members, which is one of its major attractions.

These GTA RP servers can keep players engaged in Grand Theft Auto 5 while they wait for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6. The sequel’s trailer will drop next month, but fans want Rockstar to announce details like GTA 6 budget, price, release date, and more.

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