Top 5 addon map mods for GTA 5 FiveM servers

Top 5 addon map mods for GTA 5 FiveM servers

Top 5 addon map mods for GTA 5 FiveM servers

GTA 5 FiveM custom mods (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 5 has a dedicated modding community that always tries to bring a new experience to the core gameplay.

One of the best mods for the game so far is the FiveM. It is a mod that allows the creation of personalized multiplayer servers for players to enjoy. The mod lets players add some map mods over it to bring a new experience to the multiplayer. It also allows players to roleplay as whomever they want and is vast and virtually limitless.

Top 5 addon map mods for GTA 5 FiveM servers

FiveM addon map mods that GTA 5 players should try

5) Harugahara (Drift)

Created by kpowka, this mod is a treat for racing enthusiasts as it allows them to try the infamous Harugahara track from the Assetto Corso game into the world of GTA 5. The whole track is built into a valley in the mountains, which makes the drifting on the cliffs so satisfying. Also, the track seems to contain sudden turns as well as esses.

4) The Simpsons Hit & Run – Level 1

Created by MrVicho13, this mod brings the complete level 1 Homer of the iconic The Simpsons Hit & Run video game into the open world of Los Santos. The whole level takes place in the colorful suburbs of Springfield, which fans of the game can recognize instantly.

Players can also find the most memorable locations from the show, including the Flanders House, Simpsons House, and the Wiggum House. Additionally, shortcuts are available in the mod, just like the original. Players can relive the whole experience once again.

3) Driver’s Paradise Remastered

Created by BlueJeansGamer, this mod is a love letter to all the racing fans in GTA 5. It brings different terrains for racing packed in a single location.

Every location in the mod looks breathtaking with highly detailed textures. This includes mountains, ice, deserts, beaches, oceans, and more. All of these help players set up different categories of races depending on terrain, time of the day, cars, and driving style. Some of the must-try races here include sprints, circuits, drag, drift, and offroad races.

2) GoKart Map Mod

Created by avail, KOHDYKTOP & FreeZiic, this mod brings Go-Kart race tracks into the world of  for fans to enjoy multiplayer with FiveM servers.

Go-Kart refers to a small 4-wheel motorized vehicle with which players can race with each other. Apart from classic Go-Kart racing, players can also play drift racing, drag racing, sprint racing, as well as circuit racing with the cars of their choosing.

The whole mod is highly detailed, which adds to the overall experience of Go-Kart racing.

1) Le Mans Circuit

The Le Mans Circuit needs no introduction to Formula 1 racing fans. The mod brings the iconic Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans track for players to enjoy.

Created by halfdead, this mod is highly detailed with elements similar to the real-life track. Players can now be a part of this historic and iconic track and create memorable moments with their friends in the world of GTA.

The mod also features a full-fledged pit stop with working fuel pumps for added immersion. Even the scenery around the track is beautiful, just like the real one. This is a must-try for every racing enthusiast.

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