Top 5 GTA RP FiveM servers for total beginners

Top 5 GTA RP FiveM servers for total beginners

After the acquisition of FiveM Servers by Rockstar Games, many new GTA 5 players are eager to try the Roleplaying experience. While there are plenty of servers to start your journey, many players get confused about where to start or which server to join. It is also undeniable that a few servers are not suitable for beginners as these are mostly crowded by veteran and experienced players.

Therefore, new players only look for servers that provide a great experience for beginners. This article lists the top five GTA RP FiveM servers that you can try in 2023.

Top 5 FiveM servers: Five best beginner-friendly GTA RP servers on the FiveM network

5) Badlands RP

The Badlands RP is one of the best GTA 5 RP servers for newcomers. However, you must be 18 and above to join it, as the moderators only approve adult players in the lobby. The FiveM-based server offers a balanced and fun gameplay that you can enjoy simply by following the rules and regulations set by the moderators.

You can join gangs, various police departments, or other civilian jobs on the server. However, for a smooth gameplay experience, all members are required to use working headphones and mics. Additionally, you must also know English to communicate with other RP players.

4) New Day RP

The New Day RP is also a great option for new GTA 5 RP players. It is one of the oldest servers in the roleplay community and offers an enjoyable gameplay experience. You can play as daily wage workers, which includes jobs such as postal service, mechanic, food vendor, law enforcement, and many more.

The popular GTA RP server also offers career paths for criminals and other lawbreakers in society. While criminals can avoid following a few rules imposed on other players, they cannot go out of character as the moderators take strict action against violators.

Top 5 GTA RP FiveM servers for total beginners

3) CityLife RolePlay

If you prefer a peaceful gameplay experience and want to do simple civilian jobs, the CityLife RolePlay server is one of the best options that you can try. It offers extensive character customization options to start your journey. While most of the aspects of the server are the same as other popular GTA Roleplay servers, the CityLife RolePlay is Non-Whitelisted, because of which new players can join easily.

You can play golf, go fishing and hunting, work as a paramedic, and do many other civilian jobs on the server. Alternatively, you can also join the criminal underworld. Many fans are hoping a similar server to be present in Grand Theft Auto 6 after its release.

Top 5 GTA RP FiveM servers for total beginners

2) BlueBird RP

The BlueBird RP is an Australian GTA RP server. However, you can join it from any part of the world as it has an inclusive player base. According to the official website, you can roleplay as a civilian, police personnel, paramedic worker, firefighter, and many other daily wage jobs.

The BlueBird RP server can host up to 300 players, and new GTA RP players can also apply easily. However, your application must be approved by the server moderators before joining the server. Once joined, you can utilize various features to make your experience enjoyable.

1) Designer Gas Club Gaming

The Designer Gas Club Gaming or DGC is one of the best servers that new RP players can join in 2023. It has a balanced economy that also adds to a great gameplay experience. New players can gain plenty of experience by roleplaying on the server.

The GTA 5 RP server is currently looking for new players to fill various job roles. Therefore, if you are a new player looking for a community, you must join Designer Gas Club Gaming as soon as possible. All activities on this server are divided into three categories (Civilian Job, Criminal Job, and Fun Activities) and you can pick anything to enjoy the game.

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