Top 5 GTA RP servers like NoPixel in October 2021

Top 5 GTA RP servers like NoPixel in October 2021

Top 5 GTA RP servers like NoPixel in October 2021

LucidCityRP matches the quality of the NoPixel server (Image via YouTube/SMS Mafia)

NoPixel is a name that every GTA RP player has heard of. The NoPixel server is one of the best GTA RP servers active right now both in terms of functionality and the quality of role-playing seen in it.

Most streamers and YouTubers play on the whitelisted version of the NoPixel server, which only admits experienced RP players. This makes it tough for most players to get in and they are left with no other option but to join the public version of NoPixel which is not as good.

However, the following list includes the best alternatives to the NoPixel server for GTA RP that gamers can join while they wait for a response to their application for NoPixel.

5 GTA RP servers similar to NoPixel in October 2021

1) Eclipse RP

Eclipse RP is a well-known server within the GTA RP community. Despite the fact that there aren’t many content creators roaming the streets of Eclipse RP, due to the enormous volume of applications, players have to wait a while to get approved to the server.

Eclipse RP only allows 200 players at a time and offers some of the most straightforward rules. Players should read the Eclipse RP forum as well as their rules before joining. In the server’s guidelines, there is an extensive explanation of all the groups and roles one can claim on the server, making it easier for newer players to fit in.

Top 5 GTA RP servers like NoPixel in October 2021

2) GTA World

While voice chatting is an important part of making role-playing more enjoyable, some players will be uncomfortable conversing with random strangers. A microphone isn’t necessarily required to join many RP servers, and text-based RP servers like GTA World can readily accommodate players that feel this way.

There are over 30 active factions on the server, and the production value alone is enough to make GTA World a strong contender.

Top 5 GTA RP servers like NoPixel in October 2021


NewDayRP is a fresh new server with 250 spaces. Initially, the developers focused on WWRP (WestWild RP, a Red Dead Redemption 2 roleplaying server), but they eventually decided to produce a GTA 5 server as well. Currently, they have a whitelisted server with 250 player spaces that players must apply for before being allowed access.

4) The Family RP

The Family RP might be worth a try if a player is searching for a more serious role-playing experience. In comparison to the other servers on this list, The Family RP features participants who are serious about role-playing.

Gamers must connect their Steam, Discord, and, if desired, Twitch accounts when applying to the server. The Family RP allows for a wide variety of options, from joining a crime family to becoming a part of a great corporation.

5) LucidCityRP

Given that getting a response from the most popular RP servers can take a long time, players need a different way to hone their RP abilities and pass the time. However, this does not imply that LucidCityRP is a poorer server than the others.

New players will find LucidCityRP to be more inviting. There’s an endless stream of new faces, which can make for some fascinating views. If a player decides to go rogue, everything can turn upside down, but that’s part of what makes LucidCityRP so amazing.

The server includes NoPixel’s main features as well as its own additions, such as Cayo Perico from GTA Online.

Top 5 GTA RP servers like NoPixel in October 2021

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