Top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers to join

Top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers to join

Top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers

These are the best Indian GTA RP servers (image via GTA RP Servers)

Even a decade after its release, GTA 5 remains popular. The game owes its longevity to GTA RP, which has enticed many veterans and new players to try out role-playing.

Even though GTA RP is not a game mode in Grand Theft Auto V, it can be played by joining a GTA RP server with the most popular ones being NoPixel, Mafia City and Eclipse. However, to begin role-playing on a server, players must have a legitimate copy of GTA 5 and complete the required white listing process.

This latest trend has also caught the attention of Indian streamers, who have begun streaming on Indian GTA 5 RP servers to delight their audiences.

Below is a list of the top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers.

Best Indian GTA RP servers

5) Subversion RP (SVRP)

One of the most popular GTA RP servers in India is Subversion RP India. It is home to a number of well-known Indian streamers, including RakaZone Gaming, Qayzar Gaming, and TbOne. These streamers are well-known characters who frequently play on the server.

The server offers certain unique jobs, such as mining, fishing, and poultry farming, that distinguish it from others.

With the recent release of SVRP 3.0, the server has become one of the most populated ones in India.

Top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers

4) Hydra Town Role-play

Hydra Town RP was established by prominent streamer Dynamo Gaming, one of India’s most popular gaming content creators with 9.84 million subscribers on YouTube.

Over 40,000 people have joined the server, including well-known streamers such as ROCK3T, Logan Gaming, Cosmic YT, and Dynamo himself.

The catch with this server is that it is family-friendly, therefore, players must keep their language in check when playing.

3) Legacy RP India

With over 30K members, Legacy RP India is one of India’s largest servers.

RakaZone Gaming, SKplz, and Sikhwarrior are among the streamers who have used the server. An ongoing issue that players frequently complain about is the emergence of griefers. The latter don’t pay attention to role-playing and continuously disrupt other players’ immersion.

Interestingly, after being fined for breaking a rule that he considered “stupid,” RakaZone Gaming quit the server in 2020.

2) Exo Life RP

Exo Life is another popular GTA RP server in India. It was created by Shunick in 2020, and it swiftly grew in popularity, garnering over 10,000 users by July 2021.

RakaZone Gaming, Dynamo Gaming, and Shreeman Legend have all played on the server.

1) Indian RolePlay Server (IRPS)

This server may not be as large as the others on this list, but it does have a strong community with over 2.4k members.

IRPS has yet to host any well-known streamers or YouTubers, but the server administrators do their best to make it enjoyable for everyone.

It’s ideal for new RP players who want to learn the ropes without being insulted or kicked out for breaking the rules. Because the server is small, the mods are more lenient with the rules and are willing to overlook faults.

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Top 5 Indian GTA 5 RP servers to join

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