Top 5 interesting GTA 6 leaks shared by supposed insider

Top 5 interesting GTA 6 leaks shared by supposed insider

Top 5 interesting GTA 6 leaks shared by supposed insider

This GTA Online character apparently resembles one of GTA 6’s protagonists (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA_VI_Leak is an interesting Reddit user who claims to be an insider and has already shared several fascinating GTA 6 leaks. Whether these leaks are authentic or not remains to be seen, especially since most of them are text-based. Still, they’re more specific than the average leak, meaning that they are more interesting to discuss by comparison.

Curious people who want to check out the user’s profile to see the GTA 6 leaks can click on the hyperlink posted below.

Their posts will be the main target of this discussion (particularly where gameplay is concerned).

Five of the most interesting GTA 6 leaks by a supposed insider

5) Police protagonist

Police protagonist

The relevant block of text (Image via GTA_VI_Leak)

The female protagonist, Rose, is apparently a police officer with several unique features exclusive to her. For instance, she can:

  • Arrest people
  • Accept bribes
  • Call for police backup
  • Handling the VCPD budget

Cops are popularly seen in GTA RP servers, but no past protagonist could become a cop themselves. The best they were able to do was dress up as one, but it was never integral to their character. The leaker also mentioned in a separate GTA 6 leak that “Karens” can make her job more difficult, which is humorous to think about.

4) Gang Wars return

Gang Wars return

The relevant block of text (Image via GTA_VI_Leak)

One notable feature present in GTA San Andreas but missing in its sequels involves gang wars. It would appear as though they will return based on this GTA 6 leak, although far more complicated than how it was nearly two decades ago. This time, players have to pay the gang members they hire, as well as any medical bills they need.

Doing these disputes hundreds of times seems excessive, but it’s the GTA 6 leaker’s words. Whether it’s exaggerated or not would depend on if it’s true or not. If it were true, then it’s a significant part of Kacey’s gameplay.

3) Dynamic NPC AI

Dynamic NPC AI

NPCs are more advanced than before (Image via GTA_VI_Leak)

NPCs in the Grand Theft Auto series are very primitive for the most part. They either wander aimlessly or stand still in the same spot until the player interacts with them. According to this GTA 6 leak, NPCs have a life of their own.

It would seem as though that this game will be the most realistic title in the series by a large margin. It’s presumably only about named NPCs, as the player hasn’t been able to call nameless NPCs in the past. Still, that would be an extra element of realism that would help make the game feel less repetitive.

2) Vice City, Carcer City, and Liberty City are locations one can visit

The above “map leak” states that Vice City is on the bottom left, with another location known as Cottonmouth being to its right. The top left portion has Carcer City, which is to the left of Liberty City. Usually, a Grand Theft Auto game would focus on one major location, so having this many would be a bit shocking.

Not to mention, Carcer City comes from the Manhunt games. The leaker would later clarify that the game’s first act focuses on a protagonist named Ricardo, who is stationed in Vice City. After that act, the player will see Kacey, a criminal in Carcer City, before returning to Vice City in the third act.

1) Drug addictions

Drug addictions

There will apparently be some addictions in the upcoming game (Image via GTA_VI_Leak)

Drug use is present in GTA 5, although its effects are largely minor. There is no gameplay element of addiction in it, which makes this GTA 6 leak seem more outlandish as a result. Each drug has a different effect that alters gameplay.

The three protagonists all have different susceptibility to these addictions. For example:

  • Ricardo is more likely to be a gambling addict.
  • Kacey is more likely to be into stimulants.
  • Rose is more likely to be into depressants.

There is also a stress and withdrawal feature, which increases the protagonists’ reliance on their addictions.

Top 5 interesting GTA 6 leaks shared by supposed insider

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