What are the new GTA 6 leaks?

What are the new GTA 6 leaks? Explaining how Rockstar’s ultra-secret project got revealed

What are the new GTA 6 leaks?

What are the new GTA 6 leaks? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Rockstar Games is currently going through one of the biggest leaks in video game history, with a GTA 6 leaker posting over 90+ videos and screenshots of the upcoming game’s early build on September 18. In fact, even the source code of the highly anticipated title was released online.

This has quickly become a major topic in the GTA community as there are many aspects of this leak pointing to the fact that it is real and many reports are also suggesting that Rockstar Games have acknowledged it themselves.

Gameplay videos that were leaked are the core elements of this massive leak that has been circulating around the internet, showcasing new features, gameplay, full audible dialog, and even the new locations where GTA 6 will take place.

This article will go into greater depth about this GTA 6 leak and try to piece together all of the overwhelming information it has provided to the community.

Note: The leaked clips cannot be shown here due to legal restrictions.

Massive GTA 6 leak revealed a lot of important information about the upcoming game such gameplay, characters, locations, and more

Where did this leak come from?

This leak originated from the GTAforum website when the leaker posted all of the clips and information about GTA 6 by providing the users with a download link. Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, is currently trying to take down that forum page.

When the leak was initially shared on the forums, many players were skeptical as these users started sharing them with other people, and the videos and screenshots began to appear on Twitter and YouTube, quickly going viral.

It is still not clear how exactly the leaker not only found videos and screenshots of GTA 6, but its source code as well. In any case, the leaker soon responded with the following post, which would also be their final post on the website:

Their motivation is also unclear, but for some reason, they appeared to be surprised about the leaks going viral.

What are the new GTA 6 leaks?

What did the GTA 6 leaks reveal?

Due to the sheer quantity of footage in this leak, many key elements regarding gameplay and characters have been revealed to the fans. The first and foremost thing would be that many previous rumors have been confirmed to be true.

Specifically, claims from the Bloomberg report written by journalist Jason Schreier have been validated. The leaked gameplay showed that there will be two protagonists that players will be able to play as, and one of them is a female character named Lucia.

Another important aspect is the location, which players have figured out to be Vice City just by looking at gameplay videos and listening to characters talking. Other gameplay features include crouching during gunfights and more detailed animations.

The manner in which NPCs reacted to the player’s actions was far more intricate and realistic, and their conversations felt more natural than in any other GTA game. Players should keep in mind that all of these clips depict an early build of the game.

What are the new GTA 6 leaks?

How has the community and Rockstar Games reacted to this leak?

Rockstar Games

Fans have yet to get any official recognition of this leak directly from Rockstar Games, but many credible sources such as the aforementioned tweet have said that Rockstar Games have confirmed that this leak is true and that they are devastated by it and it is a “nightmare” for them to handle.

This just goes to show how much effort the developers were putting into this highly anticipated project and how sad it feels to see their unfinished work getting shared around the internet without their consent.

The only indirect confirmation came from Take-Two Interactive, who have initiated mass DMCA takedowns on any videos that show GTA 6’s leaked footage.

This began with YouTube videos, but has now extended to any social media website. Take-Two is clearly trying to stop the spread of this leak as much as possible, and this DMCA takedown can be seen as an act of damage control.

What are the new GTA 6 leaks?


The majority of fans are showing sympathy for Rockstar Games and are disappointed by this leak. This has not only ruined all of the efforts Rockstar Games are putting into this project, but it is also very difficult to undo.

Most fans recognized that this was not supposed to happen and all of this gameplay footage and features should have been released by Rockstar Games themselves in their complete form.

Unfortunately, some fans take things very literally and have started believing that this is the final product and have even started harassing the game’s many developers. Fans should keep in mind that this leaked footage was of an incomplete early build and that the final product will likely look very different.

What are the new GTA 6 leaks?

Current status of the situation

Based on the post, the hacker is currently trying to sell the source code of GTA 6 and even trying to make a deal with Take-Two, with the hacker claiming that they have even more data on GTA 6.

Shortly after, the hacker deleted their Telegram account, supposedly because their location was compromised, and also tried to log in to the Grand Theft Auto forums again. Right now, this is all that is happening, but it is possible for this story to develop further in the future.

What are the new GTA 6 leaks? Explaining how Rockstar’s ultra-secret project got revealed

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