What are the rules for RP in GTA 5?

5 most important rules players must follow on GTA 5 RP servers

What are the rules for RP in GTA 5?

What are the rules for RP in GTA 5? (Image via YouTube)

GTA 5 RP keeps on growing in popularity and attracts new streamers regularly, with many becoming popular after joining an RP server. With an ever-increasing number of people attempting to join one of the popular RP servers, they need to know the rules by heart.

What are the rules for RP in GTA 5?


#1 – Age requirement

Any player who wishes to join GTA 5 RP must be at least 18 years of age or older. GTA 5 is a rated M video game, and thus players below the age limit are not legally permissible to play it. It is the responsibility of the server admins to enforce this rule, and they are not willing to risk the legal repercussions.

This is why whoseremz was recently banned from NoPixel as he lied to the server admins when joining, and his real age was 17. So while this might seem like a simple rule, players will get permanently banned from a GTA 5 RP server if they lie about their age.

#2 – No toxicity

Players on the GTA 5 RP servers are always expected to follow the terms of service of all the associated platforms like Discord, Twitch, and Reddit. They are also expected to behave in the same way when it comes to actual roleplaying on the server. So while their RP character might be intended to be foulmouthed, they cannot expect to get away with being toxic to other roleplayers.

Abusing other players in any way that breaks roleplay or taking actions that force other players into breaking character can get a player banned on the server.

#3 – No OOC

OOC is an often-used phrase in GTA 5 RP, abbreviated ‘out of character.’ This term is popular because it involves one of the core aspects of roleplaying, i.e., staying in character. While servers that engage in light roleplaying may not have strict rules on this, they still promote the idea of roleplaying at all times.

#4 – New Life Rule (NLR)

When a player’s character is downed in GTA 5 RP, they have to wait for a certain amount of time before they are respawned at the hospital. If they are not revived by EMS (emergency medical services) within the time limit, they are supposed to have memory loss. The roleplayer has to pretend to have no memory of the immediate events that led to the temporary death.

#5 – No metagaming

Meta refers to information or knowledge that the player is aware of, but the character isn’t. Examples of metagaming in video games include Limbo or Underrail, where trial and error gameplay is often intentional. Roleplaying, however, has no tolerance for metagaming, and on most GTA 5 RP servers, this is a serious offense.


In conclusion, understanding and adhering to the rules of RP in GTA 5 is essential for a rewarding and enjoyable roleplaying experience. By following these rules, players contribute to a thriving community that promotes immersion, respect, and creativity. From maintaining character consistency and avoiding metagaming to engaging in meaningful roleplay interactions, embracing these guidelines helps foster a dynamic and engaging environment. Ultimately, by upholding the rules of RP in GTA 5, players can unlock the full potential of their roleplaying adventures and forge memorable experiences within the vast virtual world of Los Santos.

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What are the rules for RP in GTA 5?

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