What do we know about GTA 6 protagonists via recent leaks?

What do we know about GTA 6 protagonists via recent leaks?

What do we know about GTA 6 protagonists via recent leaks?

What do we know about GTA 6 protagonists via recent leaks? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock lately knows that more details have been confirmed about the GTA 6 protagonists, thanks to the recent surge of leaks. There are two protagonists in this Bonnie and Clyde-esque story:

  1. Jason (a white male)
  2. Lucia (a Hispanic female)

It is vital to state that while their models have been leaked, this article cannot depict them to the reader due to legal reasons. Not to mention, those character designs are subject to change in the final version of the game.

The one male and one female protagonist concept has been known since the Bloomberg report, but the characters’ names weren’t. Other details were revealed in the recent mega-leak.

The two GTA 6 protagonists are Jason and Lucia

Both Jason and Lucia are playable in GTA 6. A plethora of gameplay leaks featuring them shows that the character transition sequence between the two is seamless (particularly when compared to GTA 5). Here is a short list of what players know about these two characters:

  • Both protagonists have voice acting
  • Alexandra Cristina Echavarri is rumored to be Lucia’s VA
  • Jason sounds southern
  • There are customizable outfits in the game
  • The duo execute robberies together
  • Lucia’s default outfit seems to be a pink shirt that exposes her midriff along with jeans
  • Jason’s default outfit seems to be a greasy tank top, shorts, and a backward cap
  • Jason is shown to have an ability where he sees the world in a monochrome fashion, but certain objects of value can shine

Of course, there were several GTA 6 gameplay leaks unrelated to the two protagonists. Readers should know that not much has been spoiled regarding the storyline.

Rockstar’s response to the huge leak

Understandably, Rockstar Games wasn’t happy with the massive GTA 6 leak. They confirmed that the footage floating around the Internet was legitimate through this message and stated that they would continue to work on the game as usual. There should be no interruptions in the schedule.

This tweet is their most-liked message in history, beating the previous record holder that confirmed: “development for the next entry in the series is underway.” The above tweet has over 1M likes, which isn’t surprising, considering the general hype surrounding GTA 6.

Reminders about leaks

It should go without saying, but players should know that everything shown in the recent gameplay footage is subject to change. That includes details regarding the two protagonists, Jason and Lucia. While facets like their voice acting are unlikely to change, fans should at least expect some tweaks to their overall design.

Readers should also know that multiple tweets and videos with this content being explicitly shown have been taken down. Fans should be patient until Rockstar Games officially reveals more information, even if it might take years to happen.

What do we know about GTA 6 protagonists via recent leaks?

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