What is IgniteRP? A Nostalgic Journey to the ’80s in GTA RP

What is IgniteRP?

Discover IgniteRP: Relive the ’80s in GTA RP. Join for a nostalgic journey today! (Image via igniteroleplay.net)

In the ever-expanding world of GTA RP streaming, where NoPixel has traditionally reigned supreme, a new player has emerged on the scene, igniting the curiosity of some of NoPixel’s top streamers. Here’s the lowdown on the latest craze.

Over the past few years, the GTA RP community on platforms like Twitch and YouTube has predominantly gravitated towards one server NoPixel. NoPixel has held its position as the go-to roleplaying server for quite some time. Nevertheless, in recent times, a handful of streamers have chosen to explore new horizons.

For some, it’s a matter of battling roleplay burnout, while others seek a fresh start with a new character. One such alternative that has captured the spotlight is IgniteRP, a server that mirrors most of NoPixel’s features but with a distinctive twist.

What is IgniteRP? Introducing IgniteRP: The New GTA RP Haven

IgniteRP burst onto the scene on April 1, 2023, and within a short span, it has emerged as one of the most coveted platforms for GTA Online roleplay. This exclusive, invite-only server has piqued the interest of numerous livestreamers who value its unique access and captivating theme. However, its rapid rise to prominence is not merely due to its novelty.

Considering that GTA 5’s setting is modern-day Los Santos, mirroring Los Angeles, most GTA RP servers strive to keep up with the contemporary environment, featuring up-to-date cars, technology, and all the modern amenities.

What sets IgniteRP apart is its throwback to the 1980s, dialing everything back a few notches compared to its counterparts. Yes, you read it right – everything exudes an 80s vibe, from classic cars to roller skates for transportation and character clothing.

The fundamental rules of roleplay, such as staying in character and engaging in communication, still apply, but with a distinctive 80s twist.

Notable NoPixel Streamers Venturing into IgniteRP

As mentioned, a handful of streamers have already delved into IgniteRP while continuing their adventures in NoPixel. These include popular personalities like Penta, Kyle, Blaustoise, and Kiwo.

Others have expressed their intentions to join the server, though many steadfast NoPixel regulars continue to remain loyal to their home server.

How to Enter the World of IgniteRP GTA RP

What is IgniteRP?

IgniteRP: A Nostalgic Journey to the ’80s in GTA RP (Image via igniteroleplay.net)

Joining Ignite Roleplay follows a process similar to other servers, as it operates on FiveM, and acceptance is contingent upon the application procedure. It’s not an open invitation for everyone.

To submit an application, you must become a member of the IgniteRP Discord server and complete the application form on their website. Like NoPixel and other servers, there is an option to expedite your application by making a payment, but the standard waiting period is typically a few weeks.

Here’s a simple guide on how to get started: How to join IgniteRP GTA RP server

It remains to be seen whether IgniteRP will significantly divert players from NoPixel, but it has undoubtedly carved out a distinctive niche for itself in the ever-evolving GTA RP landscape.

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