What is Permadeath in GTA RP?

What is Permadeath in GTA RP?

What is Permadeath in GTA RP? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Grand Theft Auto RP [roleplay] has become incredibly popular with Twitch streamers and viewers alike in recent weeks, returning to prominence as one of the highest viewed games on the platform.

Yet, there are still some things that viewers may not understand – even if they have sat down and watched numerous hours of the game.
GTA RP is once again one of the most popular titles on Twitch, cultivating a loyal following.

What is Permadeath in GTA RP?

A Permadeath, short for permanent death, is a simple concept. GTA RP players do, of course, come back from deaths in-game on a regular basis, but ‘perma deathing’ is different as it’s when a player grows tired of a character or that character suffers a death in which they cannot come back from.

This can come from things like poor RP interactions, leaving a server like NoPixel or dying in an incredible manner – be it that a medical team is unable to reach them in time or they are blown to the high heavens by another player.

Think of it like a character being written out of a TV show. They’ve run their course and now it’s time for them to depart. A completely new character may take their place, but that original one that you liked isn’t coming back.
GTA RP players have held funerals for permadeath players before.

Here is a list terms that are often used in GTA RP and what they mean:

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