What is the GTA RP that streamers play?

What is the GTA RP that streamers play?

What is the GTA RP that streamers play?

What is the GTA RP that streamers play? (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA RP is one of the most fun ways of enjoying GTA 5 after players complete all the Story Missions and as an alternative to GTA Online.

The GTA Roleplay community has been blooming for a while now. Lots of servers are popping up with their own take on how the game can be played. The concept of GTA roleplay turned the players’ usual approach to the game on its head.GTA 5 RP is one of the best games to stream because it virtually presents a massive sandbox with infinite possibilities. Anything is possible in the game. This aspect makes GTA 5 quintessential for streaming.

What Is GTA RP?

GTA RP is a multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC.

Players join a server and interact with other players in the realistic GTA 5 world. In GTA Roleplay, users can create and customize their own characters. Thus, you can roleplay as any NPC – even a cop or a shop clerk.

The most important concept of GTA RP is to follow the rules of the server you play on.

What is the GTA RP that streamers play?

The Popularity of FiveM, a Multiplayer GTA 5 RP Modification

Two servers on our list (NoPixel and MapleHearts) are both accessed through the FiveM client, as opposed to Rage MP.

The popularity of FiveM has been taking the internet by storm, registering more than 250,000 concurrent players over the weekend back in April this year. To give this some perspective, the official GTA Online client peaked at around 124,000 players at the time, meaning that the modded version had more than double the number of players that the official version did at its peak!

While it should be noted that the statistics in question (SteamDB) do not take into account players who used the Epic Games Store client, these numbers are still very impressive.

The RP community is still well on the rise, and we can only assume to what extent this will affect Rockstar’s future releases.

What is the GTA RP that streamers play?

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