What is the meaning of VDM in GTA RP?

What is the meaning of VDM in GTA RP? VDM stands for Vehicle Death Match in a GTA RP scenario.

What is the meaning of VDM in GTA RP?

VDM is enforced differently depending on the circumstances (Image via GTA RP Servers)

It’s different from RDM, which stands for Random Death Match. Both abbreviations can lead to some consequences for anyone who abuses them, with RDM usually being the more punishable action. Of course, Vehicle Death Match is a vague term for players who haven’t played in a GTA RP server before.

GTA 5 RP players should familiarize themselves with the term RDM, which stands for Random Death Match. Roleplay servers require their players to follow the rules as otherwise, it will cause problems for everybody. Roleplay characters can range from a milkman to a wanted criminal. However, sometimes the milkman just wants to be left alone.

It’s essentially when a player hits another player’s vehicle with their own and then chooses not to roleplay it out. Alternatively, it is sometimes used when the player runs over another player.

This situation can become a problem in GTA RP servers that enforce some rules of realism in their roleplaying.

What VDM means in a GTA RP server

VDM is an abbreviation for Vehicle Death Match. Not every GTA RP server enforces this rule, as some are laxer and offer little to no regulations regarding how players can roleplay. However, VDM can lead to a player getting kicked in a GTA RP server that more heavily enforces realistic roleplaying.

What is the meaning of VDM in GTA RP?

VDM and why some players don’t like it

Some players love playing GTA RP to roleplay a scenario. If somebody else refuses to roleplay, it will be a waste of time for all involved. It can even get worse if the offending party repeatedly hits the other player’s vehicle for no reason.

Imagine a real-world analogy for a moment. If the player had their vehicle rammed into by another person in real life, they wouldn’t ignore it. There may be a heated argument about the other’s driving skills or a discussion about insurance companies. It’s unlikely that either party would act as if nothing happened.

Now, the stakes aren’t as significant in a video game as they are in real life. However, some GTA RP players still want to roleplay the scenario. VDM is especially egregious if one party keeps attacking another’s vehicle for no reason.

What is the meaning of VDM in GTA RP?

How to avoid VDM

An example of a player getting hit by a car

An example of a player getting hit by a car (Image via summit1g)

If VDM happens by accident, and neither player is interested in roleplaying the situation out, then that’s fine. On the opposite spectrum, the offending party can make up an excuse for why it happened. It’s GTA RP, so the player can be creative with whatever happens.

What is the meaning of VDM in GTA RP?

Not every situation lasts for an hour or so in a GTA RP server. So players don’t have to worry too much about what to do. Some GTA RP servers might be overly authoritarian and ban players for doing it once, but the respectable servers will likely give a warning.

If they keep performing VDM, then they’ll likely be kicked. If it’s too problematic, then they can expect to get banned. GTA RP has many other abbreviations that many players use whilst playing the game, and VDM is only one of them.

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What is the meaning of VDM in GTA RP?

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