What is VCR GTA: Everything you need to know

What is VCR GTA: Everything you need to know

What is VCR GTA: Everything you need to know

A brief report about what VCR GTA is and everything it entails (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA VCR is an RP (roleplaying) server where VTubers get together and play Grand Theft Auto RP. The abbreviation stands for Vaultroom and Crazy Raccoon. The former is a unique concept that involves special gaming rooms for content creators, while the latter is an esports team for VTubers.

For those unaware, Grand Theft Auto RP is all about custom multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto 5 based on modded dedicated servers. Many of these servers, such as NoPixel, have become popular thanks to streamers. Grand Theft Auto VCR, or VCR GTA, is a server frequented by popular Japanese VTubers.

With that in mind, here are more details about VCR GTA, including the popular VTubers that grace the server.

Everything to know about VCR GTA, the RP server

As mentioned before, VCR GTA is basically a Grand Theft Auto RP server that is made specifically for VTubers. The name suggests a collaboration between Vaultroom and Crazy Raccoon. Vaultroom is a unique concept that can be explained as a sort of gaming cafe. It’s a Japan-based service that lets streamers gather together in a gaming room in the real world to host events and livestream games together.

On the other hand, Crazy Raccoon is a professional Japanese Esports team created in April 2018. It is associated with games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant, and much more, according to their official website. The team includes popular VTubers like Selly, Mondo, Cpt, Daruma is god, Arisakaaa, and more.

Fans should note that VRC GTA is a limited-time event that usually lasts around two weeks. Apart from VTubers, it also hosts streamers, actors, voice actors, and even mangakas (manga writers). Grand Theft Auto RP isn’t the only game they host either, as they make servers for Rust, Ark, and more. The latest iteration of VCR Grand Theft Auto marked its second outing.

Grand Theft Auto RP gained popularity in 2020, during the global lockdown, and it has been growing since then. Many popular streamers and even celebrities have taken to roleplaying servers, and some have found popularity through Grand Theft Auto RP itself.

Streamers and players on RP servers are expected to roleplay one or more fictional characters, which makes for interesting narratives and keeps their viewers engaged.

Some streamer-oriented servers like NoPixel have strict rules regarding RP, and players can be banned for going out of character (OOC). There are some beginner-friendly RP servers, however, that feature more relaxed rules. Recently, Rockstar took over Cfx.re, the mod team that created FiveM, making RP an official part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

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