Why being a GTA 5 RP streamer isn’t easy

Why being a GTA 5 RP streamer isn’t easy

Why being a GTA 5 RP streamer isn’t easy

Why being a GTA 5 RP streamer isn’t easy (Image via GTA RP Servers)

Anyone can become a GTA 5 RP streamer, yet only a select few will ever reach the top of the world.

High-profile streamers tend to rake in piles of money. With a large audience and potential sponsorships, they are set for life. This is what motivates GTA 5 streamers who are just starting out. However, playing video games is not as easy as one would expect.

It’s not just any GTA 5 streamer that can blow up in popularity. Several factors must be taken into consideration. Luck, timing, and skill all play a major role. While GTA 5 streamers can make a comfortable living, not all of them will become the next .

Why it isn’t easy to become a GTA 5 streamer

As Pokimane explains, players should always engage with their followers. By doing so, they build a stronger community of loyal fans. However, becoming a GTA 5 streamer is a challenge in itself. A livestream with 100 viewers is doable, but trying to get to 10,000 is a different story, let alone 100,000.

Even if everything is done correctly, hitting it big is a rare occurrence. Not every GTA 5 streamer can become the next Loud Coringa. To get an idea, here is what xQc has to say about it.

xQc provides context on how difficult it is


A few days ago, xQc shared his thoughts on small-time streamers. As a former GTA 5 streamer, he warned his viewers not to get ahead of themselves. He states that most people never make it as a streamer. At best, they might find success on a smaller level. Making it big is an arduous task.

While these are harsh words, xQc has good intentions in mind. He doesn’t want his viewers to end up losing their livelihoods. GTA 5 RP streamers make this a full-time commitment. Unless they are a celebrity like Bronny James, this cannot be a side hobby.

Being a GTA 5 RP streamer takes hard work and dedication

Although Ninja is not a GTA 5 streamer, he brings up relevant points. The current market is oversaturated with thousands of players so it’s easy for them to get lost in the shuffle. The ones who stand out are the top players and celebrity names. It’s not enough to simply be good at the game, they have to be great.

His best advice is to build a smaller community, then play the bigger games afterwards. Most GTA 5 streamers didn’t start with that game. Instead, they already had a following beforehand.

It can also be stressful

high. Take the above video, for instance. During a roleplay gone wrong, xQc loses his temper and starts attacking the cops. They have no choice but to put him down several times. xQc accused the cops of powergaming against him.

Viewers have high expectations from GTA 5 streamers. They want to see awesome gameplay, funny moments, and enjoyable content. GTA 5 streamers can only do so much. Several of them defended xQc for this reason alone as he is consistently under pressure.

GTA 5 streamers need to have thick skin. They will have to deal with potential trolls, stream snipers, and competitive rivals. While it makes great money, it also takes a toll on mental health. xQc can be cited as an example as he looked downright miserable at times.

The importance of social networking

GTA 5 streamers not only focus on their community, but also partnerships with other streamers. For example, Sykkuno and Wispy have great comedic timing with each other. Their roleplays are fun to watch but more importantly, their followers can check out other channels.

Like any job in real life, streamers need to make connections. However, it’s difficult trying to advertise oneself on most channels. They can outright ban streamers from promoting themselves without permission.

It’s up to GTA 5 streamers to make their names for themselves because nobody else is going to do it for them. They also need to be a part of the community as a whole. If a streamer lacks an outgoing personality, it will be harder for them to get noticed.

GTA 5 streamers should keep expectations in check

Being a GTA 5 streamer isn’t easy. However, a lack of expectations can lessen its difficulties. Fledgling streamers just need to set reasonable goals. As long as they firmly plant themselves in reality, they will not be set up for disappointment. It’s a difficult career path to follow, but it has its perks.

Above all else, GTA 5 streamers need to enjoy themselves. Someone like Tee Grizzley can be seen having a great time in his streams. When he becomes the life of the party, his viewers want to join in.

Why being a GTA 5 RP streamer isn’t easy

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