Will GTA 6 be cancelled?

Will GTA 6 be cancelled? Rumors take over internet after leaked images and footage send fans into frenzy

Will GTA 6 be cancelled? Rumors take over internet

Will GTA 6 be cancelled? Rumors take over internet (Image via GTA RP Servers)

GTA 6 suffered a major setback on September 18 as a leaker spilled the beans and shared footage and source codes that apparently belong to Rockstar Games’ upcoming title.

The leak sent the entire community into a frenzy as Take-Two Interactive handed out the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices to social media users who shared the videos and pictures, lending more credibility to the information.

Some gamers, however, see this entire fiasco from another angle. They believe that this may lead to the game getting canceled once and for all.

GTA fans lose their cool as some think the game might get canceled

The gaming industry has seen its fair share of canceled projects. Some video games bore the brunt of the ax as they did not come out as expected, whereas others suffered from massive leaks and disagreements.

GTA 6 recently suffered a massive breach as the whole world got to see a lot of early game footage in the past few days. The leaker even said they have the source code for the current and future titles. Looking to make a deal, they even shared a post on the GTAForums site calling out the devs.

However, this has taken a turn for the worse as fake accounts claiming to be the hacker are being created, while other rumors are also catching fire. The latest and most worrying of those is that the game might never come out now that gamers have seen most of it.

Will GTA 6 be cancelled?

While some gamers see the funny side and are unfazed by this unforeseen event, some community members are taking this debate to the next level by saying that the leak may have delayed the game for “another year or two.”

While Rockstar did say on multiple occasions that GTA 6’s development was ‘well underway,’ one user, @Aquma, wasn’t very impressed after watching the footage from the leak. They also called out the devs for having such an “unfinished” project after so long.

Will GTA 6 be cancelled?

The other half of the community argues that the game is in its nascent stages and won’t be coming out anytime soon. This implies that the final build will be massively different from what can be seen in the leaks. This point does have a lot of common sense riding on it.

Another genuine and intelligent angle states that Take-Two Interactive has invested too much money into this future project to cancel it.

Some experienced gamers are downright worried about the future of the game. They feel that not only has this massive leak presented itself as an excuse Rockstar can use to delay the game further, but they can also completely cancel the entire project.

Users on social media have also requested that people stop leaking so much information. Some users even sympathized with Rockstar, saying that making a game like GTA 6 takes a lot of effort and money, and the devs never deserved this.

Will GTA 6 be cancelled?

Another Twitter user has devised a plan to tackle the situation. He said Rockstar should cancel the game and tell the devs to make a new game from the ground up. This would make the leaker the only one responsible for getting the most anticipated game canceled, making them a villain.

The user stated that this would also make the source code that the leaker has completely useless and worth nothing. They added that Rockstar should investigate further and try to apprehend the culprit while they develop their next game.

The wise thing to do is wait for the official word and not jump to conclusions.

Will GTA 6 be cancelled? Rumors take over internet after leaked images and footage send fans into frenzy

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