Youtuber develops his own version of GTA 6

Youtuber develops his own version of GTA 6

Youtuber develops his own version of GTA 6

A Youtuber developed his own version of GTA 6 (Image via 12th Hour/Youtube)

While fans are still waiting for official news from Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto 6, the community itself has been working to imagine what the developer’s next big title will look like. This time, a content creator put together his own prototype of the game in 150 days.

Youtuber creates his own version of GTA 6

The work is the result of youtuber 12th Hour, who published, a few days ago, the first images of his project inspired by GTA 6 on his channel. The goal, according to him, is to create a playable presentation of how he imagines the title could be.

All the work was done using Unreal Engine 5, Blender, artificial intelligence and ready-made materials, such as character models. The result, which you can see below, shows a bit of how this arduous process went, as well as short gameplay snippets.

This is not the end of the prototype, however, as the youtuber intends to continue releasing new episodes about the project and the creation process as he adds more content to his game.

GTA Inspired Projects
It is worth noting that this is not even the only fan project inspired by the game. Last month, another gamer created a concept trailer for GTA 6, showing a bit of what he imagines the future title will look like.

Meanwhile, the real Grand Theft Auto 6, which still has no release date, is still dealing with leaks, such as an image that was leaked. A few weeks ago, a fan also discovered possible details about the game’s online mode.

Youtuber develops his own version of GTA 6

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