5 of the best FiveM servers for GTA RP in 2024, ranked

5 of the best FiveM servers for GTA RP in 2024, ranked

5 of the best FiveM servers for GTA RP in 2024 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

RP servers have been one of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5’s most popular aspects for a long time. This unofficial multiplayer mode allows users to assume the roles of custom characters and go about their day-to-day activities. These RP servers are hosted on mod clients such as FiveM and RedM, created by a team known as Cfx.re.

To everyone’s surprise, Rockstar Games announced the acquisition of Cfx.re on August 11, 2023. Now that the future of roleplaying in this title seems quite interesting, new players might be looking to join in. To assist them, here is a ranked list of the five best FiveM servers for GTA RP in 2024.

Ignite Roleplay and 4 more best FiveM servers for GTA RP in 2024, ranked

5) The Woods RP

The Woods RP is a relatively new GTA 5 RP server that is quickly growing in popularity. It offers an immersive roleplaying experience to both beginners and veterans. To join The Woods RP, players must first become a member of the Discord server of the same name.

Upon loading it up in the game, you can create multiple custom characters with details such as name, date of birth, phone number, and nationality. You can also use the main menu to switch between your characters and spawn at a specific location on the server’s map.

While The Woods RP can offer quite a fun experience, it was released recently and is yet to catch up with its peers in some aspects.

5 of the best FiveM servers for GTA RP in 2024

4) New Day RP

New Day RP has been around for a while now and is still among the best servers for GTA 5 roleplay in 2024. The strength of this RP server lies in the variety of jobs it offers. Members can either roleplay as honest working-class citizens by joining the postal service, working as a food vendor or a mechanic, or they can engage in illegal activities.

Alternatively, New Day RP also allows its members to join the city’s police department. Although players have a lot of exciting choices at hand, the overall gameplay is not very different from what you can find in GTA Online.

3) Ignite Roleplay

Ignite Roleplay is arguably the most unique Grand Theft Auto 5 RP server ever. While this RP server offers many features you can find in peers, such as typing commands to perform actions and take up jobs, its main appeal is that it is set in the 1980s.

The overall feel of Ignite Roleplay is like a land stuck in time, which is emphasized even more by the use of vintage cars. Naturally, the setting will remind you of Vice City, a fan-favorite location rumored to return in Grand Theft Auto 6.

2) Designer Gas Club Gaming

Designer Gas Club Gaming, or DGCG, is one of the best GTA RP servers to experience community-based gameplay. Beginners can benefit greatly from this exposure, which is vital in growing as a roleplayer. One of DGCG’s best aspects is that prices of in-game items are pretty realistic, contrary to Grand Theft Auto Online.

There are also a lot of jobs to choose from, just like New Day RP, and mini-games such as basketball and bowling have been included in DGCG as well. New buildings and custom interiors are also a part of it, making it one of the best FiveM RP servers in 2024.

1) CityLife RolePlay


CityLife RolePlay is the best FiveM server for GTA RP. Its strict rules and regulations keep players in check, but those who follow them can have quite a fun experience. You can create unique characters, customize their stats, and pick a job to start making money.

CityLife RolePlay requires you to stay in character at all times, which is the very essence of roleplaying. However, the best thing about this RP server is that it is Non-Whitelisted and is much easier to join than some of the more popular ones.

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