Characters GTA 5 that should return in GTA 6

Characters GTA 5 that should return in GTA 6

Characters GTA 5 that should return in GTA 6

Characters GTA 5 that should return in GTA 6 (Image via GTA RP Servers)

The release of GTA 6 is still a long way off, but fans are eagerly anticipating it. Although no official details about the game have been released, other than leaks, the community has been developing several fan theories and rumors. The title is expected to be released around 2025, with a new set of gameplay elements.

Rockstar Games is well-known for incorporating older characters from previous games into new titles. While the franchise is now divided into two universes: 3D and HD, fans can expect to see characters from at least Grand Theft Auto 5 return in the upcoming game.

This article lists five iconic characters from the latest game who should make an appearance in GTA 6.

Lamar Davis, Omega, and 3 other GTA 5 characters who would be great in Grand Theft Auto 6

Michael De Santa


Michael De Santa is the protagonist in GTA 5 Story Mode and one of the most popular characters in the franchise. Rockstar Games has received a lot of requests to bring him back to the game’s multiplayer version. While the studio has shown no sign of including him in the latter game, it could incorporate him in the upcoming title.

Although there have only been one or two instances where the protagonists have reappeared in other games, it would be a great tribute to Michael if he is brought to GTA 6. The character is known for his fearlessness and is often regarded as a “Classy Killer” by the player base. He could be a mentor and guide in the next game, if not a major character.

Characters GTA 5 that should return in GTA 6


Omega is one of the most interesting characters in Grand Theft Auto 5. He believes in UFOs and extraterrestrial beings and is always on a mission to find them.

In the real world, the Bermuda Triangle is the site of numerous mysteries and conspiracy theories, particularly regarding aliens, dark powers, and other inexplicable phenomena. The region is triangular in shape, encompassing Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Given that the plot of GTA 6 is almost certainly set in Vice City, aka real-life Florida, the developers could use Omega and the Bermuda Triangle to create an intriguing storyline.

Lester Crest

Lester Crest plays a pivotal role in both Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online. In the latter game, players can further utilize his abilities to do things like removing wanted levels, setting up bounties, and going off the radar.

Lester wasn’t particularly useful in Story Mode aside from heist preparations and Franklin’s assassination missions. However, Rockstar Games could bring him to GTA 6 with all his abilities from the multiplayer game.

Franklin Clinton

Similar to Michael, Franklin Clinton is a good candidate for a return to GTA 6. Franklin is now a millionaire who owns several businesses and errands. His life story could perfectly match the setting of the upcoming title if he establishes one of his business wings in Vice City or any other city within the game.

The character made his debut in Grand Theft Auto Online, which expanded on his backstory. Given that he is at the pinnacle of his career, his appearance as a businessman or point of contact for missions could be a valuable addition to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis is a comic character in Grand Theft Auto 5 and a mission provider in the multiplayer version of the game. Like Franklin, he is also an established businessman with further visions to expand his enterprise.

In the second Short Trips mission in GTA Online, he talked about launching a fragrance brand called Air de Le Mar. Rockstar Games could make excellent use of this unfinished plot to introduce him to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Characters GTA 5 that should return in GTA 6

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